Quadcopter flight practice

Quadcopter flight practice using a PC simulator – How to use the trainer on your RC transmitter (Flysky FS i6 tutorial)

This is a DIY instructable for connecting a Flysky i6 (FS-i6) radio transmitter / controller to a PC to be used as a trainer.

Software setup

A software is needed to receive the signals from the trainer port of the transmitter through the audio jack and process them to commands that the PC can recognize. A way to do this is to simulate a joystick device, which then enables the transmitter to send data as if it were connected like a joystick, and can be used in games and simulators or just about any software which can work with a standard USB joystick. To by present knowledge, the only software which does this is called Smartpropoplus. This works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows PCs.

Download the software from here – Smartpropoplus download or from SourceForge


Hardware setup

The transmitter needs to have a trainer port, used to communicate the positions of the all the controls (sticks, switches and knobs) through the trainer cable instead of through the radio link.

A trainer port is present on the rear side of the FS-i6 <image>

A simple cable can be made from a couple of components – a 3.5mm audio plug/connector, a two-pin male berg strip/header and couple of wires. Even simpler method would be to use a spare audio cable from a mic or earphones and just do the wire connections to the male header.

Flysky FS i6 trainer data cable pinout


  1. Turn off the transmitter
  2. COnnect the trainer cable to the transmitter trainer port and a line-in or Mic input on the PC (pink jack)
  3. Open Smartpropoplus software
  4. Switch on the transmitter
  5. Open your simulator and play as if using a joystick

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